Pre and Post Workout Meals

Pre and Post Workout Meals

Many people go clueless on what to eat before and after their work out sessions.
Here is your ultimate guide to foods that one should and should not eat prior to before and after a typical workout session.
What you eat before and after the workout sessions have a huge role to play on your weight management program.


One should never hit the gym with an empty stomach. Ideally, a meal pre-workout should be low in fat and fibre content but must have lots of fluids and modest amounts of carbohydrates and protein. Since muscles rely on carbohydrates as a quick energy source, one can choose between cereals, breads, pasta, fruits and vegetables as a pre-workout meal in moderate quantity.

A grilled brown bread chicken sandwich or a slice of baked, low fat pizza fits the requirement well. Your pre-workout calorie intake should not be more than 500 calories.

During workout

It is crucial to keep up your liquid/fluid intake high and stay hydrated while exercising. It improves your performance and acts as a natural cooling agent for your body. Since you sweat a lot during workout, keep replenishing lost water content of the body by drinking enough water or any other drink frequently.


Post-workout, the body is in the recovery mode (which means you need to provide it foods rich in essential nutrients). Proteins and carbohydrates are good selections as a post workout meal option. Eggs, chicken, lean meats and paneer are great sources of protein. Make sure to add some fresh veggies (steamed or stir fried) as they provide a good source of fibre and are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Smart Tips:

  • Pre workout meal should be eaten at least 1-2 hours before you exercise
  • Eat your post-workout meal within 60 minutes of working out; ideally within 30 minutes
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